I am Ophelia, and I annoy my family. Aaron and I met in college, and more specifically the club LOL. We were a couple of wild kids living life with no worries. We joke, laugh, and eat all day. He’s the dopest Mathematician I know, & although he doesn’t work in his field of study we eat good. And I’m a Mompreneur diving into many passions while killin’ this motherhood thing; I’m a Certified Lactation Counselor, because I love boobs and ensuring babies are getting the best start at life; I’m also a photographer, who loves to capture moments in time, and obviously a writer that really enjoys creating content, and sharing it with our friends(YOU). Aaron and I currently have two kids Noah(4) and Jo(2). We obviously have the cutest kids in the world.

Why Talley Up?
Talley is our last name, and Up signifies growth. I am sure you know the meaning of tally marks, and how you add more of them as you continue to count. | | | | Four tally marks is the number of humans in our family, and at any time we can add more marks to signify our physical growth. Our family is continuously growing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. In everything we do we want to Talley Up as a family, because where else is there to go but UP?

This blog is a family blog. Most content will definitely be uploaded by me, but Aaron is excited about also Talleying Up and adding his own content from his dad perspective. We are honestly the typical millennial family; We don’t follow any generational parenting rules as we feel that we are still healing from our own childhoods, and we parent based off of instinct, and what feels right for each of our kids; We are extremely transparent about who we are, as we feel it strengthens our relationships with friends and family; We are entrepreneurs , because we do not want to work for anyone but ourselves.

This is Us, The Talley’s, and the parts of us that we aren’t too embarrassed to share with you.

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