One of those Mommin’ days

You ever had every last button of yours pushed? Yuppp, that’s where I am. It’s more of my frustration than their behavior. You know after the 5th time of them calling your name non stop for 5 whole minutes? Nah, just my kids? The constant tattle telling. The bottomless stomachs “mama can I have a snack pleaseeeee”. I never thought I’d hate the word snack… oh and Why can’t they share? Seriously we have a cazillion toys around here! But they have to fight over the one excavator, even though there are plenty other construction trucks to play with. Then, the two year has begun jumping off of everything! Beds, couches, kitchen counters, play kitchen, chairs. It doesn’t matter. I have a mini heart attack every time I hear him hit the ground. Oh, and the 4 year old is going through the “four year old sleep regression” apparently that’s a thing. Night terrors and restless leg syndrome won’t allow him to sleep longer than 2 hour stretches. So, between him waking every 2 hours and the 2 year old nursing every 3-4hours I could just be sleep deprived.

Ok.. I don’t know where I am going with this but…. how can two tiny humans not need me? Why am I so frustrated with them for doing what comes naturally to them? All of these things mean that their brains are growing and expanding to its full potential. They are understanding the world around them doesn’t evolve around them. They are pushing boundaries to understand how far something or someone can be pushed. All of this data is being recorded in their brains so that one day they can and will conquer the world that they live in. I know this, but I still find myself frustrated. More like burnt out after being calm for the first 4 hours of the madness. One thing I am learning is that I should say “no” less. My frustration is coming from them not listening to what I think they should listen to. I’m challenging myself to listen to them a little more.

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