Bumpadum Cloth Diaper Review

Maybe a month ago Jo began potty training himself. He literally would go to the bathroom alone, use it, flush the toilet, and walk out as if it was no big deal.??‍♀️ This month he has wet every pair of undies to his name. Haha. I guess it’s balance right? So, of course I’m indulging in more beautiful cloth diapers. I mean, you can never have enough right?

This is when I finally was able to try a brand that I had began seeing all over my Instagram timeline. The brand is called Bumpadum(IG). They are located in India. I was so ecstatic to finally try out their products!

Shipping to the U.S took about 2 weeks or so. My package was oddly misplaced at my local post office instead of being directly delivered to me. Once I got my package, I immediately opened it and the packaging was amazing. I honestly didn’t want to unravel anything. Haha. I then decided to read the care instructions to prep my cloth.

I decided to reach back out to the brand to ask about the appropriate way to prep my diapers. They were extremely helpful in telling me that I should wash my diapers 3 times for day to day use and 6 times for nightly use. I quickly prepped my diapers and quickly got them on Jo’s bum to try them out.

The diapers were extremely absorbent. I mean my kid stayed in this diaper for about 2.5-3 hours! Whoa! I was impressed. I now need all of their prints. Haha.

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