The Day My Kid Sh*t His Pants

Today Jo made up in his mind that he wanted to begin potty training. I, in no way, shape or form wanted to begin this milestone of his yet. Anyways, I take off his morning diaper, and put him on a pair of big brother undies. He then proceeds to tell me he has to pee. At first I was little taken back at how well he communicated it with me. So I take him to the big boy toilet, and he pees. Of course he flushes too, because that’s his favorite thing to do. As I was cooking breakfast he comes back and tells me he has to go again. At this point I realize that he real deal can feel when he has to “go”. So I grabbed the Mickey potty, and put it by the wall near the kitchen so that he can go pee when he needs to. This kid went pee at least 6 times the first hour.. As I continued to cook, I just couldn’t help but to stare, and congratulate him each time he went potty like a big boy. I was so impressed that he did all of this on his own. He’s a smart kid, and he is growing up so fast. <3

….but I also knew that it was about time for his morning poop. I just knew that he would tell me, or either go sit on the potty to “go”. Well….I was wrong. He decided to go into his room, push the door halfway closed, hide behind the door, and sh*t!! Also, I was still in the kitchen cooking, but noticed he had disappeared, and he was wayyy too quiet. Parents know when their kids get quiet they have to be into something. smh.. I began to call his name, and of course he didn’t answer, but I had already knew what was happening. Like, something on the inside told me that “wherever Jo is, he is taking a sh*t” …. Once I found him, he was still in the pooping position.. In that moment I had to choose between letting him finish, or rush him to the toilet, either way I was risking the fact that all the sh*t would fall out of his undies. I chose to rush him to the bathroom. He is crying at this point, and I’m sure its because I ruined his “poop time”. I then dump the poop that was in his undies, and put him on the toilet to finish. & this is why I was not mentally prepared to potty train.

Oh, and my breakfast potatoes burned. I love potatoes. Those were my last potatoes..

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