Still Growing

Growth is painful.

I am actively and consciously living through the pain of breaking open and out of my shell.

Taking space for myself.

Isolating myself.

Listening to myself.

Disciplining myself.

Remembering my inner child-self. This spiritual upgrade I am experiencing is almost a nostalgic feeling.

This Venus retrograde is demanding me to revisit unhealed and still achy wounds. There are things that I thought I had forgotten. Things that I didn’t realize affected me so deeply. “Secrets” that I am remembering. Everyday that I continue to live with the pain from my past there is no way I’ll be able to fully break open and out of my shell.

So here I am, healing my inner child. So hear I am, taking back what was taken. So here I am, taking leaps of faith. So here I am, loving myself. So here I am, allowing myself to BE.

And as I allow myself to be, I am taking time to truly appreciate my ability to balance all of these things. I will say yes to new experiences. I will ghost anyone who cross my boundaries. I will not commit to anything I don’t want to. I will not answer to everyone who wants something from me.

So here I am, Mothering Through Pain, and healing my inner child. Peace.

*Mothering Through Pain is a book of collective stories from mothers all over the world who have had to mother through the pain of their unhealed inner child. (available on Amazon)*

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