Car-Seats & Divine Motherhood

One thing I never thought much about as a first time mom was car seat safety. I knew babies had to have a car seat to leave the hospital, but other than that I knew nothing. So, I bought a cheap car seat/stroller combo that matched my kids nursery theme.

I really thought I was doing something lol. The seat was extremely flimsy, but it worked until baby was about 7-8 months and that’s when I began more research on car seats. I settled on this convertible Safety 1st seat that was quite expensive, but of course my babe had to have the best.

As soon as we got it I read the instructions immediately and installed the seat into the car. I installed it forward facing as my sun met the weight requirements, but again he was only 8 months old! Now, back then I just did not know that Alabama law required infants to be rear-facing until age one. My baby was so cute and comfy in his new seat that I couldn’t wait to take the notorious “driving and got my rider with me” pictures.?

Later that week I happened to go to a local Baby Palooza and there were tons of baby brands that I’ve never heard of. The local car seat installation people were there, and I couldn’t wait to talk to them about how quick and easy I installed our new seat! Well, as you can imagine ALL of my bubbles were popped. They broke everything down so gentle to me, and one of the techs immediately came out and helped me put the seat into the rear-racing position. They explained everything as to “why” car seat regulations exist, and most importantly why rear-facing should be standard until age two.

Ever since that day I have taken car seat safety to a whole new level. I view everything about car seats differently, and realizing that price doesn’t actually matter. My first born was rear-facing until he was 20 months old, because at that time I was super pregnant and it was a hassle getting him into the middle of the car.

With my second sun I decided on another infant seat, but as you can imagine I done so much research and settled on the Graco Snugride rxt. It was in our price range, and it had great reviews, but of course babies grow quickly. So, It was time for a convertible seat. Man, when I tell you I wanted something that would last yearssss, because car seat shopping for me is such a fun draining experience.?

I finally found Diono! Whoa, this brand had the most positive reviews, and the steel frame sold me immediately. Honestly if I had found this brand in 2013 I would not have any other brand of seat in our car! The seats are a bit heavy, but they are so worth it!

I am now seeing the pivotal moments of when my thinking changed. I began to tune into my own consciousness of motherhood, instead of listening to everyone else. Before doing the research on car seats I literally was just listening to what I heard from everyone, i.e family, friends, coworkers, neighbors. I never once tuned into my own motherhood.

Car seat safety literally lit a fire within my soul to awaken to the divinity of motherhood.

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