I Am Learning To Be Present

I know Iโ€™m not the only parent who patiently awaits bedtime..๐Ÿ˜ฉ

…but, as I sit an count down the hours, minutes, even seconds to bedtime. I donโ€™t realize that Iโ€™m missing the vital time to be PRESENT in what my little ones are doing.

Not every day is this way, but some days I am just Done. These are usually the days that Iโ€™ve been up since 4:45a, the kids and I have had an eventful day of errands + schoolwork + housework + (you can imagine what else), neither of them have been the most cooperative(as if they havenโ€™t done this day after day after..), and Jo probably nursed the entire day away(sore boobs).

So, yeah, by 4:00p Iโ€™m just so over it and the next 3.5 hours are me counting down the hours, minutes, seconds…

..but Iโ€™m learning, practicing, and training myself to enjoy the last crucial hours of their day. During this time, they usually will eat, bathe, and read/tell stories. Their minds are so open to dream and imagine anything they want. This should be the time that I pay the most attention.

As Noah began to talk about his day and the events that happened in school. Jo intensely began to listen to Noahโ€™s stories, and once Noah was done Jo then began to tell his own (babbling) stories.

I literally sat in awe at the conversation these two began to have right before bedtime. Why donโ€™t we give kids the same amount of respect weโ€™d give a rambling adult? Our kids are literally our future. How we speak, look, and acknowledge them will be how they in turn view themselves.

This is just me rambling, and being transparent.
Healing myself while raising my kids.
I donโ€™t have it all together.
Each day I pray for patience.
Each day I am given the test of how patient I can be.
Not everyday is rough.
Just Today.
I love my kids.
Theyโ€™re cool or whatever.โฃ๏ธ

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