The Day My Two Year Old Lost His Tooth!



The day started super normal. Early rising, meditation, breakfast for the kids, and off to school for my oldest.

Took Jo to his Monday story time at the library and back home to clean. I sat down after cleaning and began to go through my social media feeds and I noticed that all of my classmates from my Certified Lactation Counselor course were receiving their exam results!

Our class was the week of July 23-27, and we were advised that our results would be back within 6-8 weeks. So, to get our results so quickly everyone was excited to share their exam results.

Well, fast forward I pick Noah up from school and he changes into “play” clothes to go outside with Jo. I decide to check the mail for the 10th time for my exam results.

And the package was finally there!

Oh the nerves I felt before ripping the package open.!

& I P A S S E D !!

Yo I screamed as I walked back to my home. I put my results in the house and watched the boys play. Then I received a phone call from a friend and we are chatting and she’s asking if I received my results and I tell her yes…


As I began to turn around and hang up the phone, I see Noah’s bike going full speed into Jo then I heard a gut wrenching scream!

This all happened within 10 seconds. I literally remember saying “I’ll talk to you la..” and seeing Noah’s bike 2 inches from Jo’s face at the same time!


He screams! He screamed so loudly that he woke his dad from a nap. Blood rushed from his mouth. First thought was to check his mouth for any cuts and there it was. His tooth was shattered into pieces.

I really didn’t know what to do. I panicked and rushed him to the ER. I literally was freaking out and they got us back as soon as they could but it didn’t feel quick enough.

They checked him for a concussion, and any other scrapes, but ultimately he was fine. Thank goodness! They recommended us to see his dentist ASAP to try to preserve his tooth.

Next day I made an emergency appointment to see his, then, dentist. They get him in an determine that the tooth was too badly broken to save, and that the only way to remove it was to strap him down to a table in a straitjacket! Uh, no thanks! So, of course they didn’t like when I told them no and they gave me a referral to another pediatric dental office who could help us. I call the recommended office the very next day and they tell me that they cannot help me because they do not accept our insurance. They also said that our dentist office knows that they wont accept all insurance companies. So now I’m pissed as our, then, office knew that this matter was urgent.

So for the next week I called several dentist offices to get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions. Now at this point the broken tooth is cutting into my breast as Jo nurses. Yes I’m still breastfeeding my two year old. And honestly I just want some relief from the pain of him nursing.

Well, I finally found an office in Madison Al, and the staff was so amazing over the phone. The receptionist told the dentist what was going on, and that my biggest concern was the smell of the tooth after a week, and the potential of an infection setting up. The dentist told us to come in right away! We were immediately called back after arriving and the dentist checked it out. He gave me two options to choose from: 1. Give him laughing gas, in office, and remove the tooth, that day! 2. Set up an emergency out patient surgery to put him to sleep to remove the tooth. Well, of course option one seemed to be less invasive so I asked him several questions about the gas and how it worked and he really assured me that everything was going to be okay. He was the first dentist to listen to my concerns in their entirety and made me comfortable with the procedure.

Few moments later his nurses began the gas. Jo laid down like a big boy and watched trolls on the TV screen attached to the ceiling! This office was so kid friendly that I even wanted to have him as my dentist! As the gas took affect Dr C began talking to me about what I do, and boy did he calm my nerves. He went right in and grabbed one piece of tooth super quick. Then he began working on the bigger piece and pulled it right out!

D O N E.

Jo didn’t blink at all. Lol. I was so extremely proud of him, and recovery was a breeze. He still breastfeed just fine with one tooth. Although it was a different feeling for me, my boobs and I adjusted.

I am just so thankful that nothing too serious was wrong, and we also have a new dentist!


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