How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Candy ?!!

As a mother who heavily limits her kids candy intake, I wanted to come up with something different for Noah’s Valentine’s Day party. We were instructed to bring a Valentine’s Day card for each student, and a bag of candy simple right?

Well, me being me I decided to add a little extra to that card and candy we were told to bring. Instead of making a bag full of candy, I decided to make a bag full of treats!

Noah LOVED this idea, he said, “I don’t want all of my friends to have sugar bugs on their teeth”. So then we set out to find treats for his friends.

Picture is a white tooth being chewed on by small green sugar bugs.

Our first stop was Dollar Tree. We found EVERYTHING we were looking for! #momwin

We found the bags, and Noah picked out everything from that point on. I was super happy to see him strategically choosing certain colors for the kids in his class.

The treats we chose were:
•tiny yo-yos
•box of stickers
•glow sticks
•Valentine’s pins
•heart-shaped whistles

So, after we got done with our bags Noah whispered to me that he wanted to give a special friend a gift. He decided on roses and a framed picture of them both at her birthday party. I thought it was the sweetest thing.? He’s such a cool kid.

These are just a few things we decided to add to our non-candy Valentine’s Day bags! Did you decide to gift candy or did you opt for other treats this Valentine’s Day? Leave your comments below.

Happy Love Day friends.?

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