Why You Need To Take Your Kids Rock Climbing Now!

Rock Climbing was never an activity I grew up knowing about. It was something that I saw occasionally in malls, but I never knew how much it could benefit my kids or myself. However, I knew it was something that I wanted to expose my kids to.

I recently got the chance to visit two separate rock climbing facilities, High Point Climbing & Fitness and Birmingham Boulders. Each had their own unique style, that is to say, High Point Climbing was Noah and Jo’s favorite.

The kids area was unmatched, and had several walls to choose from.

mom helping son climb the rock climbing wall

So here are 5 reasons why you need to take your kids rock climbing…

  1. Teaches hand foot and eye coordination
    • Rock Climbing teaches your kids how to complete their climb. They have to look, plan and coordinate their hands and feet.
  2. Builds confidence and self-esteem
    •  This is almost self-explanatory, but looking from the bottom of the wall to the top can be overwhelming, and scary. However, once they overcome that, and begin their climb, whether they make it the top or not, it increases their confidence in themselves.
  3. Increases strength 
    • Obvious right? Rock Climbing is a full body workout. It increases their strength in their legs, arms and core.
  4. Increasing problem solving
    • There are tons of ways to conquer a rock climbing wall, and your child will begin mapping out the best possible routes to the top.
  5. Stress Relief
    • Rock Climbing requires all focus to complete the wall. This means everything that your child may be stressed out about, outside of the walls, will melt away. Which leaves their minds clear, and ready to focus on the task ahead. Completely present in the moment.

In short, if you’re looking for a way to keep your kids active, rock climbing is definitely the way to go. Be sure to find a gym near you, and watch your kids challenge themselves in a whole new way.

dad harnessing two boys

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