DIY Board Game You Have To Make Now

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Summertime means an endless amount of time outdoors, board games, road trips, no bedtimes and daily family fun. Its undoubtedly my favorite time of the year, and my birthday being during summer probably has a lot to do with that too. 

I have always been a collector and lover of board games since I was a child, and I have absolutely passed that on to both of my kiddos. We pretty much have all the fun games tucked away in our downstairs closet, but there is nothing like creating fun games, from scratch, and enjoying them together. 

As a matter of fact, my Cricut Joy™ has been my go-to for all of my design needs this summer, and I created an easy, fun game for your next family game night. 

This game was created not only to help my preschooler, and first grader with their shapes, colors, and counting, but to show them that learning is fun and that it is a family affair. So, let’s get right into creating your next game for family night.

What you’ll need: 

First 4 Steps

Step 1: Think of the type of game you’d like to create. Be sure that its age appropriate and that it doesn’t last longer than 20-30 mins for younger kiddos. 

Step 2: Gather your material. Be sure you have: 

  • Smart Vinyl™ Permanent (choose any 6 colors)
  • Cricut Joy™ Transfer Tape
  • White Canvas 8” x 10”

Step 3: Download Cricut Design Space 

Step 4: Prep your Cricut Joy™ 

Time To Create 

Creating the board game is simple, open Cricut Design Space and get to work. Create your design using templates, images, shapes, or text.

Once you have completed your design be sure that your Cricut Joy™ is connected to Cricut Design Space. This will ensure that your design will print correctly.

Next, it is time to grab your Smart Vinyl™ Permanent and insert it into your Cricut Joy™. Now, it is time to create your design. In Cricut Design Space it is time to click the ‘Make It’ button at the top right hand corner of the program.

Finally, your design has been created on your desired color of Smart Vinyl™ and it’s time to place it on your canvas board. You will need to use your Transfer Tape to transfer your design from the Smart Vinyl™.

DONE. You are all done with creating a fun game, with your Cricut Joy™, for your entire family to enjoy! This game took me less than 2 hours to create, and it was tons of fun figuring out my Cricut Joy™. Additionally, the game pieces are from a game we have tucked away in our board game closest, and I am sure you will think of a creative way to create your own game pieces. 

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