6 Exciting Fun Things to Keep Your Kids Busy This Spring  

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The flowers are blooming, the trees are turning green, and the air is warm. Oh, how I love springtime. So, it is time to find all the fun things for my kids to do indoors and outdoors. My kids are always looking forward to my seasonal resets, and this year is no different. I have some super cool things that you should grab for your kid this spring, so keep reading to be the cool parent this season.  

Roller Derby

Pulling these skates out of the box took me right back to my childhood. I remember being able to have these for years as they are adjustable up to 3 sizes. I cannot believe that my son is just as obsessed with these as I once was. The Tracer Inline Skates are perfect for young skaters. From the ease of putting them on and taking them off to not having any shoelaces to tie, your tiny skater will be so happy to master inline skating. 

You can use code SPRING15 for 15% off through June 30 at rollerderby.com.

Blue’s Clues & You!

All of my toddler and preschool parents are going to love this Blue’s Clues & You! Peek-A-Blue plush. Blue plays peek-a-boo with your kiddo when they squeeze her belly. My sweet boy has been giggling none stop at Blue, and she is so cuddly. 

You cannot forget to find out what Blue will be up to on this upcoming Easter. I absolutely love this board book as its sturdy and can with-stand the toddler stage. My little Nickelodeon fans love this story and I know yours will too. 

You can grab them both Walmart and Amazon


Family game night just got better with this silly game of ridiculous sounds from Soundiculous. This game allows our entire family to tap into our creative side, and we laugh all day long. This game requires you to choose a card; easy, medium or hard. From there you read the word and make the sound but be careful to not say the word or you lose. The first person to guess the word wins a point. It’s a race to get the most points and is easy to play. You can grab this game now at Amazon.


My kiddos are at the age where they want to do things independently, and it makes my mama heart both happy and sad. I have noticed that when they tidy their rooms that they must listen to their favorite songs from the Disney Hits playlist. Its seriously the Happiest Playlist on Earth. You can even ask Alexa to play the Disney Hits Playlist too. So thankful for family-friendly playlist.


We are probably one of the only families out there who do not have a pet, but with Sunny the Bright Light Chameleon we do not feel left out at all. Sunny is so full of personality, and he expresses his mood through sounds lights and repeats back what you say. He’s seriously so fun and encourages your little one to be One in a Chameleon. Did I mention that Sunny is also soft & squishy? He is, and he will absolutely chat back. You can grab your very own Sunny from Amazon, Target, or Walmart.


When my kiddos started going to in-person school I was worried that they would think that I wasn’t thinking of them. I am so thankful to have found Lunch Notes From Me!® Zany Facts & Zingers. These thoughtful, unique, and educational notes make my kiddos school days just a little bit brighter. 

The Holiday Notes From Me!® Easter Facts & Funnies are also a fun way to learn about Easter. 

Did I mention that they both are also easy to use? Just simply tear them off and place a MyWish4U Lunch Note in your kid’s lunchbox. This is such a simple and easy way to add laughter and learning into your kid’s day.  

They are available on Amazon and mywish4you.com and are perfect for the Easter holiday, lunchtime and mealtimes. 

I hope these help you to be the cool parent this spring season! I know my kids are already telling their friends that I am the best mommy around.

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