1 Easy Cricut Shirt Design You Need To Do This Fall

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It’s Fall Y’all! I am so excited for all the comfortable clothing that the fall season brings. This means layering and some amazing fall Cricut crafts made with my Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Easy Press 3.

My first design will be for my 3 little pumpkins (my kiddos). This design was made in Cricut Design Space and was super easy to make.

First, I chose a design that I wanted on their shirts. I got a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest and you can too.

To the left of your Cricut Design Space canvas you will find the ‘Text’ tab. Click there and simply type the words, ‘mamas pumpkin’ into my Cricut Design Space canvas, and then choose a font that you want for your design. After that, go over to the ‘Images’ tab to the left and find the perfect pumpkin.

Next, you will need to weld your design together so that it would print out in one piece/design. You can find the ‘Weld’ tab at the borrow right of the canvas. After welding be sure to size your design to fit your shirt size. As a new Cricut user this took a bit of time to master, however Google was a huge help.

Once your design is welded together, it is time to cut the shirt design with your Cricut Maker 3. The ‘Make It” green button is at the top right so go ahead and hit it to cut your design. On this screen be sure that your design is exactly how you would like it to look on your shirt. From here, you also will need to toggle on the ‘Mirror’ tab, to the left, as this will ensure your design will be printed right side up.

After you have cut your design, it is time to use your Cricut Easy Press 3. Yay. Use your Cricut Heat app to easily input the iron on material you’re using as well as the type of product, and in this case a t-shirt. Once you’re ready to press your design onto your t-shirt, your app will give you step by step instructions.

Now, you are ALL done.

I hope you’re able to make this design for the little pumpkins in your life. It so simple and easy that even a new Cricut user can do it. ME!

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